Potato Salami

Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Preparation of Canavesano potato salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami hung to dry
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

It is a sausage based on boiled potatoes and pork meat. In some areas of Biella, some blood is added in order to obtain a pink-colored product. Sometimes it is also called "salampatata".

  • Processing Method: Potatoes are boiled. The product is seasonal (October-March) because new potatoes are not suitable to prepare it; moreover, the product is very delicate and doesn't like warmth. Meat scraps are minced together with potatoes and aromas.
    Once ready, the product must be consumed fresh within 5-6 days, or dry within 15 days. Each salami weights about 1 hectogram.

  • Production Area: The product is characteristic of the whole Canavese area, from Dora Baltea to Stura di Lanzo and some areas of Biellese.

  • Legislative Protection: Potato salami is classified among the "Traditional Agri-foodstuffs of Regione Piemonte", according to art. 8 of the Legislative Decree 30th April 1998, n. 173 and the Annex to the Decisions of the Regional Council 15th April 2002 n. 46-5823.
The ProducersLocality;
 Salumeria AvondoglioAndrate (TO)
 Industria Carni PasquettazCarema (TO)
 Macelleria Moro AntonioCarema (TO)
 Bagnod RobertoPiverone (TO)
 Macelleria Iachi Bonvin GiovanniQuincinetto (TO)
 Macelleria Monetta Pier DomenicoQuincinetto (TO)
 Salumificio SaboloSalerano Canavese (TO)
 Alimentari La Fattoria di Barsi SandrinaSettimo Vittone (TO)
 Macelleria Racchio Domenico e RobertoTavagnasco (TO)
 Cascina dell'Allaas di Bagnod Maria GraziaBollengo (TO)
 Salumificio Nadia s.n.c. di Moriondo Pietro & C.Arè (TO)
 F.lli Actis Dato Lorenzo e BrunoCaluso (TO)
 Macelleria Salumeria Caluso (TO)
 La Duja D'Or snc di Scagnolari e NobileIvrea (TO)
 Macelleria F.lli GiordanoIvrea (TO)
 Azienda Agricola Valle OrcoMontanaro (TO)
 Viber S.r.l.Montanaro (TO)
 Perotti s.n.c. di Perotti Claudio Pietro & C.Vische (TO)
 Salumificio Avenatti & C. s.n.c.Feletto (TO)
 Macelleria Pezzetti OrnellaLocana (TO)
 Tarro Genta GiuseppeLocana (TO)
 Macelleria Giovannini GiovanniNoasca (TO)
 M.A.B. Carni S.r.l.Ozegna (TO)
 Macelleria Rolle BartolomeoRivara (TO)
 Macelleria Silotto GiovanniRivara (TO)
 Macelleria VeneziaRonco Canavese (TO)
 Boetto LuigiSparone (TO)
 Azienda agricola Il GalloCastellamonte (TO)
 Macelleria Lea BrunoCastellamonte (TO)
 Macelleria Rossebastiano GianniCastellamonte (TO)
 Macelleria ValchiusellaCastellamonte (TO)
 Macelleria Basolo PaoloCuorgnè (TO)
 Macelleria Giandrone FrancoCuorgnè (TO)
 Macelleria Quaglio GianniCuorgnè (TO)
 Macelleria Sirianni VeronicaCuorgnè (TO)
 Macelleria Toffi ValerianoCuorgnè (TO)
 Laboratorio Carni e Salumi Boetto GiovanniPont Canavese (TO)
 Macelleria Edile BrunoPont Canavese (TO)
 Macelleria Pezzetti RomanoPont Canavese (TO)
 Macelleria Solive ElvinoPont Canavese (TO)
 Sandretto RenzoPont Canavese (TO)
 Macelleria Bertinetto IvoRivarolo Canavese (TO)
 Salumeria Gastronomia Battuello AntonioRivarolo Canavese (TO)
 Macelleria Pregnolato CarloValperga (TO)
 Azienda Agricola San Rocco di Imocrante GiampieroFoglizzo (TO)
 Macelleria Bertolino AntonellaFoglizzo (TO)
 Macelleria Zanna MaraSan Giusto Canavese (TO)

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