Moncalieri Cauliflower

Moncalieri Cauliflower
Moncalieri Cauliflower
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Moncalieri Cauliflower is one of the many horticultural varieties belonging to the species Brassica oleracea var. botrytis, herbaceous plant belonging to Brassicaceae or Cruciferae family. It has a stalk with more or less large lateral leaves: the upper leaves envelop the bud. From the bud, the floral peduncles develop and form the "head", or inflorescence. The latter can have different colors: from white to green to violaceous, and represents the edible part, together with the more tender enveloping leaves.

  • Production Area: The production area mainly includes the Municipalities of Moncalieri, Santena, Nichelino, and Trofarello.

  • Legislative Protection: Moncalieri Cauliflower is classified among the "Traditional Agri-foodstuffs of Regione Piemonte", according to art. 8 of the Legislative Decree 30th April 1998, n. 173 and the Annex to the Decisions of the Regional Council 15th April 2002 n. 46-5823.
The ProducersLocality;
 Azienda agricola La Spina VitoArignano (TO)
 Ronco RitaBaldissero Torinese (TO)
 Tabasso MariaBaldissero Torinese (TO)
 Varetto F.lliCasalborgone (TO)
 Ortofrutta della CollinaPecetto (TO)
 Artusio GioacchinoPecetto Torinese (TO)
 Azienda agricola Razetto FrancescoPecetto Torinese (TO)
 Bosio GiuseppePecetto Torinese (TO)
 Goffi Giancarlo e MauroPecetto Torinese (TO)
 Tabasso Luigi e SilvanoPecetto Torinese (TO)
 Tabasso MarioPecetto Torinese (TO)
 Vaudano GiorgioPecetto Torinese (TO)
 Vaudano MariaPecetto Torinese (TO)
 Agripiemonte di Cravero BartolomeoCarmagnola Salsasio (TO)
 De Grandis GiovanniChieri (TO)
 Pallaro MarinellaChieri (TO)
 Bauducco StefanoMoncalieri (TO)
 Caccherano PiergiorgioMoncalieri (TO)
 Ceresole AnnaMoncalieri (TO)
 Dionese EraldoMoncalieri (TO)
 Gandiglio DomenicoMoncalieri (TO)
 Gariglio Giovanni e FrancescoMoncalieri (TO)
 Giacomasso CarloMoncalieri (TO)
 Marconetto GiuseppeMoncalieri (TO)
 Masera AldoMoncalieri (TO)
 Miniotti GiuseppeMoncalieri (TO)
 Sandri GiuseppeMoncalieri (TO)
 Sapino GiuseppeMoncalieri (TO)
 Valenza FeliceMoncalieri (TO)
 Valsania GiovanniMoncalieri (TO)
 Sacchetto GiovanniSantena (TO)
 Cavaglià EugenioTrofarello (TO)
 Coggiola Francesco e PaoloTrofarello (TO)
 Coggiola MaurilioTrofarello (TO)
 Molino GiovanniTrofarello (TO)
 Bernardi SergioPoirino (TO)
 Villa GiuseppinaSan Raffaele Cimena (TO)
 Godone Luigi, Alberto ed EzioSciolze (TO)
 Bosca MassimoSan Mauro Torinese (TO)

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